Saturday, February 14, 2009

Nome: the Interview

Kate Johnson has interviewed me, and when an awarding-winning author interviews you, recurring arm pain takes a back seat.

1. If you had a choice between appearing naked in public or eating a fried insect, which one would you choose?

Really I think I'd eat the insect. I think it would be over a lot quicker and leave fewer psychological scars.

2. What age would you most like to be, and why?

I think I was happiest at age 19 - 20, so I'll split the odds and say 19 years and 6 months. That was the time before university took all my money away forever.

3. If you could go on a date with anyone from history or fiction, who would it be?

Ha, I'm going to be totally generic and say Lord Byron. I couldn't possibly sleep with him on account of the syphilis, but I'd love to gaze rapturously as him while he recited poetry at me.

4. Would you rather be a lesbian or a gay man?

Hmm. I guess it would depend. If I could be a lesbian with Megan Fox, I'd be a lesbian. If I could be a gay man with Christian Bale, gay man. No, okay, I'd be a gay man with Christian Bale. I'd hit that anyway I could.

5. If your TV could only play one channel, which one would you have?

Dave. No contest. 24-hour-a-day Dragons Den and QI and whatever other weird crap Dave shows.

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